Community Information


Following the recent article in the ‘Wadworth Wanderings’ newsletter produced by the Parish Council, the proprietors of ‘Vintage and Vinyl’ have objected to the reference that they were reluctant to have the Christmas Tree placed in front of the shops last year.

The proprietors, Graham and Christine, have pointed out that in the previous year they had encountered problems with the electrics as a result of the Christmas lighting and had therefore only indicated that they could not power the Christmas lights in future. The decision to move the tree was made by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council subsequently received numerous complaints that the tree had been moved, hence the reason for the article by means of an explanation. However, the Parish Council is happy to acknowledge that the proprietors of Vintage and Vinyl had good reason for their actions and apologise for any upset the article caused.

Wadworth Sports Field Improvements
Two new working groups have recently been established by Wadworth Parish Council to look at ways to improve the playground equipment and the sports pavilion. Both have recently held their first meetings and have started the task of identifying the best options along with how any improvements could be funded. Updates will be posted here as any definite progress is made.